Multimedios con Wikispaces

El wiki es una plataforma para trabajar en equipo. Aprendizale colaborativo.

1.      Entra a

  1. Regístrate y crea el primer wiki.
  2. Al finalizar el registro, aparece la primera página o Home del wiki. Un wiki puede tener varias páginas.
  3. Por ahora trabaja con la primera página.
  4. Integra texto y multimedia para practicar.
  5. No te olvides de guardar la página.
  6. Haz público el wiki para que otras personas puedan accesar a las páginas y editarlas: Trabajo colaborativo.

Estas son las 2 herramientas típicas para integrar multimedia y códigos embed:

Play your Media on Wikispaces

Sometimes you just want to upload an audio file or a movie to Wikispaces and let people play it when they come to your page. Well, now you can! It’s part of a new option we’ve added to our file upload tool. Let’s take a look.

First, you edit your page, and click the Image and File tool on the toolbar.

Description: play-media-1.png

Then, in the “Images & Files” window that pops up

Description: play-media-2.png

you’ll see that you can “insert” or “link to” your files.

Description: play-media-3.png

If you choose “link to” the file will just be linked to on the page so people can download it. But if you choose “insert”, the file will, where possible, be displayed as playable media. Here’s an example where we’ve used “link to” and then “insert” for an audio file and then a video file so you can see the difference.


So now, if you want people to be able to play your media on Wikispaces, you don’t have to mess around with widgets and other tools if you don’t want to. You can just pop them on your pages nice and simple.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think.


Description: widgets.pngWe’ve got Widgets!








Put a video, calendar, spreadsheet, poll, chat room, slideshow, map, or any other tool, gadget, or plugin on your Wikispace now.

Wikispaces is not only a great tool, but it’s a great place to bring together other web tools. We’ve been hard at work and have just released a much more friendly, powerful, and useful way for you to choose, use, and manage widgets on Wikispaces.

Description: tv.pngIt starts with the Widget button on our toolbar (it looks like a little TV) which leads you to a handy list of widgets that you can use, along with helpful instructions where neccessary.

Description: spreadsheets.pngOur new widget tool is one more part of our plan to make Wikispaces easy to use and simple, while still delighting you with great features.

Try it out, and let us know what you think. Tomorrow, we unveil another nifty feature that will help you work with files in the same way you can now work with widgets. Stay tuned.



Bringing Color to Your Wiki

To use this new feature:
1. Edit your page.
2. Highlight the text you wish to format.
3. Click on the text formatting icon in the toolbar
Description: textcolor.gif.
4. Format the text as you wish and click “Apply Style.”